Original Peschiera del Garda souvenir

Souvenirs are objects to remember a place. By observing them you can travel with the vehicle of memory. They allow us to think back to the places we have visited and the good moments in the company of the people who make us feel good.

In fact, when we travel we find ourselves outside of our everyday life and have a different mood. We associate positive emotions with the journey.

Travel, over time, has become an increasingly necessary element for the human mind. For this reason, owning an Original Souvenir of the place visited can spark flashes of memory in us that make us relive our holidays and leave us with a sense of well-being.

Italian souvenirs

Every region of Italy and in particular Lake Garda has many interesting souvenirs that represent our country and our lifestyle.

The masks are typical and representative; they can be found of various types and origins throughout the Italian peninsula.

On the lake, however, the symbolic objects are lemons and olive trees.

The coin of Peschiera del Garda: Original Souvenir

Here at the Infopoint you can find a small, unique and particular souvenir: the Peschiera del Garda coin!

On one side of the coin there is the image of the Peschiera Fortress, the famous “pentagon” and on the other side the outline of the Italian peninsula in the shape of a “boot”.

You can purchase our coin in our office or online on our Gardavisit website and collect it directly at the Infopoint.

Weren’t you able to get our Original Souvenir during your stay in Peschiera? No problem! You can order our unique coin on the Gardavisit website and it will be delivered to you by post.


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