Dolomites tour


The Dolomites are part of the Alps and about 250 million years old.

They are composed mainly of sedimentary rocks and limestone.

It is hard to imagine that once the mighty mountains were an enormous coral reef, formed in the primordial ocean called Tethys.

All the layers that make up the peaks are able to give remarkable information about the past of our earth.

Dolomites tour
Credits: Ruud Luijten


Dèodat Dolomium is the geologist from whom these famous mountains took their name. He was known for describing many minerals and became especially famous for the discovery of the mineral Dolomite, a particular rock in this region of the Alps.

Some also refer to these mountains as the “pale mountains” because the moonlight makes their light color stand out.

Another natural phenomenon occurs in the Marmolada and all the Dolomites during dawn and dusk, in which they turn pink: the term given to this color change is Enrosadira.

The Dolomites are so beautiful that they have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. The highest possible title for a natural site.

Whoever enters these mountain territories will find uncontaminated landscapes, imposing and impervious peaks and a varied and thriving nature.

Dolomites tour
Credits: Ricardo Frantz


Must-do tour for the mountain lovers. A guided coach tour from Lake Garda to the famous Dolomite-peaks. You will be accompanied to an altitude of approx. 2.240 mt. at the Pordoi Pass. During your daytrip you will get information about the geographical and cultural history of this area. Visit at the breath-taking Sella Pass and the typical town Ortisei.


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