Best beaches on Lake Garda

The most beautiful and best beaches on Lake Garda unveiled!

Beautiful small villages, majestic castles, viewpoints and a variety of enchanting beaches. In this article we will talk about these Whether it’s for swimming, sunbathing, playing water games or for a relaxing aperitif along the shores of Lake Garda, here you will surely find the best beach for you!

Wondering what kind of beaches you will find on Lake Garda? Well, let’s start with the fact that it is the largest lake in Italy and among the largest in Europe. This already could lead us to guess that this lake is extended over a large area. Let’s add to this fact, that the pre-Alps start towards the middle of the lake, and we really can have an idea of how much the landscape, the climate but also the spaces where the beaches are located are different from north to south.

There are many beaches on Lake Garda, most of them with gravel but there are more than one with sandbeaches too… There are beaches with large spaces (surrouned by greenery) and other small ones, hidden by overhanging mountains . Thanks to the diversity of the landscape, it is possible to find beaches with services for any type of need.

In this article, you will find a list of the most beautiful beaches, free beaches, equipped beaches, paid beaches, beaches for dogs and very important for us… A list of beaches accessible to people with disabilities on Lake Garda. To ensure a worry-free vacation to everyone!

Discover our list of beaches to visit on Lake Garda based on where you will be staying and according to your needs!

Brescian shore
San Felice
Toscolano Maderno
Trentino shore
Riva del Garda
Venetian shore
Peschiera del Garda
Torri del Benaco

Beaches on Lake Garda: Brescian or western shore

Let’s start from the Brescian or western side of the lake. In this post I will guide you through the discovery of the beaches on lake Garda. I will reveal to you many curiosities and I will give you some advice in order to find the perfect one for you.

Beaches on Lake Garda


Let’s go on the discovery of the Brescian shore starting from the beautiful and charming Sirmione.

Indeed, Sirmione is the small stretch of land that divides the lake between the regions of Veneto and Lombardia. Here you can find twice the banks and twice the beaches! The water surrounds the peninsula, so you have a wide range of choice! Find the best place to take a bath in this special location.

The city is famous all around the world for its thermal waters and for “Grotte di Catullo”, a great archeological park.

There are plenty of interesting things to see and to do. The city center in made of a network of narrow streets and boutiques whereas along the shores you can find many different strolling paths.

Jamaica Beach

From the entrance of the archeological park you can follow a gravel road between the olive trees that goes down to the water. Here you will find her: Jamaica Beach. Its uniqueness are the smooth rocks that you can foresee under the crystalline water. It is impossible not to notice them while enjoying a boat tour around the peninsula.

The beach surrounds the far end of the rocky spur that extends towards the lake and it is immersed in the unspoiled nature. That’s the perfect place to relax and to enjoy a natural and wild beach. Still it is possible to rent some sunbeds at the beach’s bar. When the level of the lake’s water is particularly low, it is possible to take a walk from “Lido delle Bionde” and reach the beach.   

Lido delle Bionde
Credits: Roberto Garofalo (IG e FB)
Lido delle Bionde

If you prefer more comfort, Lido delle Bionde beach is well-equipped and easy to reach. Starting from the city center and following the panoramic path, in only 10 minutes you’ll reach the rocky beach.

Don’t worry for the name. “Bionde” in Italian means “blonde”, but you won’t need neither hair dye nor wigs. It is not an exclusive beach! The particular name derives from its position between Villa Cortine Park and the ruins of the ancient Villa Romana. Originally it was called “biunda”, which means fenced.

A whole day at the lido runs fast and it is delightful also for the ones who normally don’t enjoy spending all day at the beach. Thanks to the possibility to rent a sup or a pedal boat, you can explore the whole coast and be back in time for the happy hour at sunset.

Delle Muse beach

On the path to “Lido delle bionde” you can also find another beautiful jewel: delle Muse beach. The beach is right under the walls of the Castle and it can be reached walking along the Rocca. A charming place, a romantic pebble beach with crystal clear water. A breathtaking promenade will bring you to the end of the peninsula.

Lido di Lugana and Punta Grò

Going down towards the coast following the direction to Veneto we find Lido di Lugana and Punta Grò. Both are equipped beaches especially well-suited for families. In particular in Lido di Laguna there is an entire area for children. While the little ones have fun, the parents can enjoy a glass of wine comfortably seated at the restaurant. Here you can taste the famous wine that gives the name to the beach.

If you are more into enjoying picnic with friends, I suggest you the grassed and gravel beach of Punta Grò. Here you can for sure find a shady spot among the trees where you can enjoy your cookout with friends.

After lunch a good walk is all you need. What about the promenade that reaches the end of the peninsula where you can find the old, now abandoned, fishermen’s houses? Keep in mind that this is a protected area, so you have to respect the environment around you. It is important to also give to the future visitors the possibility to enjoy the same unique experience.

Do you want to know more about this must-see place to visit on Lake Garda? You can find more about Sirmione in the related articles.

Beaches on Lake Garda
Credits: Harry Knight


Following the Brescian side of the lake you will reach Desenzano and the majestic Scaligero Castle will welcome you. Desenzano is a very important historical city thanks to Villa Romana, one of the biggest archeological sites in the Lake Garda area. But that’s not all! In the Civic Archeological Museum, you can find many artifacts that have been found in the territory around Brescia. These masterpieces testify that the city was a pile-dwelling site in the past.

The city is also perfect for romantic walks.  I suggest you have a drink at the small harbor where little colorful boats are anchored. It is the perfect location to take some photos. Malvezzi square is the heart of the vibrant historical centern hosting every first Sunday of every month a traditional and peculiar antique market.

Going back to the beaches around Lake Garda, in Desenzano you have plenty of choices. Here you can find all types of beaches where you can relax and have fun.

Lido Desenzanino and Feltrinelli beach

If you reach the city by train or by ferry, the nearest beach where you can stop is Lido Desenzanino. It is a free beach on the lakefront, direction Salò. You will find many sunbeds and sun-umbrellas. There is also a bar on the beach where you can enjoy a good ice-cream or a fresh drink.

If you are looking for a seafood dinner, the restaurant of the beach might be the one for you. The location is priceless thanks to the two terraces that overlook the lake.

Near the city center you can easily reach Feltrinelli beach. If you want to discover the lake by your own in complete freedom, here you can rent canoe and pedal boats. The beach is in front of Riviera Hotel along the lakefront Cesare Battisti. It is free but, still, there is the chance to rent sunbeds.

Canneti beach

Following the promenade from Desenzano to Brescia, after Vò Camping you will find Canneti beach.

This beach is in a magical natural environment and especially nudist people appreciate this place. It consists in two small and lovely beaches and it is one of the most breathtaking viewpoints around the lake.

One of the most beloved places of the town is without any doubt the old harbor. Once it was an essential point for the Italian economy. Today you can still see the big porticoed buildings, that once were used as storehouses, and the several anchored boats.

From here starts the beautiful promenade in Rivoltella direction, where you can walk alongside the water for some kilometers. During the walk you can bath in one of the many bays or take a nap while sunbathing in the different pebble beaches, which are all free.

Beaches on Lake Garda
Credits: ENRICO RETTINO * – *chiccodeejay* (IG e FB)
Golden beach

In order to have a little bit more of comfort, you can try also the equipped beaches. The first one is “Spiaggia d’Oro”, which means “Golden beach”. This beach offers all kind of services for the perfect day far from stress. You will find sunbeds, sun-umbrellas and pedal boats rentals, sanitary facilities, showers and changing rooms. In addition to all of this there’s a well-kept grass field with a bocce and a beach volley court, bar service and a wonderful panoramic terrace. At night the beach turns into a disco pub for the younger ones, an occasion not-to-be-missed.

Rivoltella beach

Rivoltella beach is equally well equipped and with all type of services. Here you will have the opportunity to rent sunbeds, sun-umbrellas and playing fields as well. In the summer evenings, they organize different activities that can suit all ages. Latin American music by starlight, evenings dedicated to lovers of smooth dance but also traditional dinners, live music and theme parties.

Beaches on Lake Garda
Credits: *Federica* – *Fede_rego* (IG e FB)
Zattera beach

Still in Rivoltella you can find “La Zattera” beach, just behind “Aquila d’Oro” Hotel. Just as the other equipped beaches, here you have the opportunity to rent sunbeds and sun-umbrellas. The small beach bar is the perfect place to have a “Pirlo”. If you have never heard about it, you should know that local people use to call “Pirlo” the drink that is usually called Spritz.

Zattera beach
Credits: *Federica* – *Fede_rego* (IG e FB)
Lido di Lonato
Credits: *Evelyn Ghidini* – *evelyns_profile* 


Still on the brescian-western side of the lake there’s Lonato del Garda, an important city that claims an imposing past and that has left its historical mark. Here you can find no less than two castles: “Dragulo castle” and “La Rocca”, within which the original village was enclosed.

Lonato is one of the favorite destinations among young people because of its beaches. It is a reference point for youngsters who are looking for a lot of fun while hanging out, especially during the summertime.

Coco Beach

The most iconic beach regarded as late night fun hideaway is Coco Beach. Indeed, not only is it a well-equipped beach of the finest sand during the day, but also it hosts the Coco Beach Club. During summer nights, many events take place here: happy hours with Dj-sets, parties, theme nights and disco.

Coco beach gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beach from early in the morning in order to appreciate the crystal-clear lake water until late at night. Young people prefer to arrive at 6 p.m. for the happy hour, dancing the whole night away to the beat of the music. There is a big car parking near the beach, even though the current trend is arriving by boat.

Lido di Lonato
Credits: Marco Maccarinelli  – @marcomacca87 (IG e FB)
Lido di Lonato

If you are looking for peace and quiet, Lido di Lonato is the perfect beach for you. It is a 380 meters long pebble beach with crystal-clear water. The access to this small natural oasis is free and it is particularly indicated both for families and for couples. It is possible to rent sunbeds and sun-umbrellas too. At the small bar you can have a refreshing drink paired with a unique view of Monte Baldo. Even if you are not an expert, it will be easy to recognize it.


Padenghe is located on the hills between Desenzano and Moniga. It’s part of the Valtenesi territory in the south-west area of the lake. This area is well-known for the production of Garda Classico Doc, an important wine of Brescia.

Padenghe castle is what attires tourist the most. This one overlooks the city center, which you can easily reach with a short promenade.

During summer time different theatre evenings, concerts, historical and folkloristic reconstructions are organized here. It is considered a vibrant city thanks to the shops and bars located in the historical center.

The main feature of this beach is the long coastline with a panoramic promenade. This walk allows you to reach the near Moniga, which is the gateway to all the other beaches.

Lots of people tend to forget that in Padenghe you can find many other things besides the castle. Indeed, here you can find some of the most beautiful beaches around Lake Garda, perfect if you want to relax and have some fun. Here are listed some information and advices about the beaches in Padenghe.

Lido di Padenghe

The most popular and visited one is Lido di Padenghe, a pebble beach which is both equipped and free. Here you will have the chance to rent sunbeds and sun-umbrellas. For your breakfast or snack you will find two small bars. Whereas if you want to conclude your day with a good meal there is also a restaurant that is open until night.

The beach is for the most part sunny, so it is the perfect place if you want to show off your suntan once you go back home. For the little ones I suggest you, besides a good sunscreen, to continue up to the touristic harbor. Here you will find some benches and tables in the shade.

Lido Copelia

Not too far from the previous beach, you will find Lido Copelia. This one is mostly known for its bar.

There are lots of tables and multicolored sun-umbrellas. This bar is very popular among the youngsters, especially for the happy hours taking place here. In addition, the lively colors make this place really “instagrammable”!

A beloved characteristic of all the lakeshores in Padenghe are the different wooden docks and jetties scattered along al the coast. Since they are free and easy to access, they are the perfect spot to dive into the lake!

 Casina beach

The perfect solution for families and for quiet lovers is Casina beach.

You can easily reach it thanks to the practical A4 freeway exit. You can leave the car in the big shaded car parking. Even if you have a camper, you have the possibility to park it in here without any problem and reach the lake in a few minutes.

The access to this pebble beach is free. Furthermore, it is very wide; for this reason even in the most crowded days you will always find a peaceful place. During the peak season the restaurant of the Casina Beach is opened every day for an excellent dinner.

Beaches on Lake Garda
Credits: francescamori


Manerba is mainly known for the Rocca, from which you can enjoy one of the most breathtaking viewpoints of the lake. Once there was a majestic castle, but now only the foundation has survived. La Rocca is located within the natural reserve “Rocca del Sasso”.

Moreover, the Manerba’s coastline is the first and only lake park in Italy. It is a safeguarding and protected area of flora and fauna of the lake.

Manerba is well known for its beaches for this reason. With its 11 kilometers long lakeshore, this area offers a wide range of landscapes, from pebble beaches to incredible cliffs. Either way this place is perfect not only for a relaxing moment after the climb to the top of the Rocca but it’s also the favorite spot for water sports lovers.

Did you take into consideration this must-see place to visit in Lake Garda for your holidays?

Here you have a list of the beaches and useful tips!

Romantic beach
Credits: Daphne Mombelli – (IG) daphnemombelli 
Romantic beach

Romantic beach: a name, a guarantee. This beach is sun kissed all day long and it is not only the couples’ favorite one. Since it faces east, this beach is populated from spring until autumn. Very well-equipped and wide, this beach is suggested also for families. You won’t even have to worry about meals; here you will find a bar and a restaurant for your lunch and dinner.

In addition, if you are looking for a relaxing cruise around the lake, nearby you will find the touristic harbor, from which many boats leave. You will surely find the perfect boat trip for you.

Torchio Harbor
Credits: Mara Salvetti – Maddalenalaghibrescia_lovers (IG)
Torchio Harbor

Not too far you have Torchio Harbor, likewise well-equipped and with all food services. This is the main destination for those who desire reaching the famous rabbit island. Indeed, from this port you can catch a taxi boat to “San Biagio” island, the real name of this island. Useful suggestion if you are sailing with your own boat: on this island you have the possibility to refuel, in order to continue your journey without a hitch!

Pisenze beach

As a way to fully appreciate the crystalline water of the lake and the unspoiled nature of the natural park of the Rocca, I suggest you Pisenze Beach. The beach is in the hearth of the lake reserve, between Rocca di Manerba and Punta di Belvedere. It is forbidden to navigate in here, so it is a real natural oasis in which peace reigns. Even though it seems a remote place in the middle of nowhere, you can easily get to the beach by car. In the surroundings there is also a car parking area and a small bar.

Located here, there is also one of the most prestigious sup and WindSurf schools around the lake. If you didn’t know it, maybe this information could turn out to be very useful!

Spiaggia San Sivino
Credits: Stefania Zanaglio
San Sivino beach

If you are looking for both relax and culture, San Sivino beach is the right place for you. Between dips in the lake, you have the chance to discover the ruins of the ancient pile-dwelling settlement of the area. These ruins are of great importance since they are well preserved.

The beach is situated in the wide inlet on the border with Moniga. History lovers, this place is waiting for you!

The white beach

Are you seeking a Caribbean atmosphere and a dreamy location? The white beach is the right place. As you can imagine, its name derives from the color of the fine sand. The bay is surrounded by a lush vegetation. The beach is to some extent equipped and partly free. As well as renting sunbeds and sun-umbrellas, here it is possible to test out different water sports and to scuba dive. Once arrived, you will forget to be at the lake thanks to its crystal-clear water. A bar opened until late at night is there for your every wish. To complete the Caribbean atmosphere, they organize dance-evening events in the moonlight.

Sasso della Rocca beach

To rebalance your senses and reconnect with nature, a day in Sasso beach is all you need. Nestled between the unspoiled nature, the beach is situated inside the reserve of the Rocca.

Getting there is not that easy but the deep clear water and the rocky bottom of the lake are surely worth the journey. The beach is overlooked by a high rocky cliff where the more audacious and expert ones can find some hiking paths.

Della Rocca beach is surrounded by wild nature and is characterized by smooth rocky plates. Maybe for this last peculiarity, this beach is popular among nudist people.

Fido Beach

We didn’t forget about them. Even your four-legged friends have the possibility to have a beach day with all comforts in Manerba! From bowls for water and kibble, to insulating mats near the sunbed, here they are the real star. In Fido beach you can spend a funny day with your beloved pet thanks to dog training lessons organized by specialists in the sector.

But that’s not all! A photographer will be at your disposal, ready to capture all the highlight moments of the day with your faithful friend.


Following the Brescian side of the lake from Manerba in Desenzano direction, you will find the quiet village of Moniga del Garda. If you are looking for a place to take pleasant walks in the quiet of stette streets or along a scenic lakefront take note. The fact that it is not among the most famous and popular places among tourists makes Moniga del Garda the optimal place for not that overcrowded beaches and tourist traps haters.

Take your time to discover its beauty in peace. In particular its castle, well preserved over the years, encloses great charm and elegance.

Assuming that you want to relax and have fun after a walk around the walls of the castle, the beaches of Moniga are the right place.

Liner beach, San Michele e Preara

Liner e San Michele are two free pebble beaches well connected to the city centre. They are partly equipped towards the port. If you arrive in Moniga by car, don’t worry. Nearby there’s a free car parking space.

Did you know that Moniga is also called “the city of Chiaretto”?

If you didn’t know this rosè wine or you haven’t had the chance to try it, at the beaches’ bar you can make up for this. A glass of fresh wine during a hot summer day will be a great pleasure!

If you are with your four-legged friend, I recommend you Preara beach, which is entirely dedicated to pets. This beach is likewise a pebble one but is preceded by a wide green area, where your dog can play and run freely.

Moniga Port

As you can imagine the name of this beach derives from its position. It is located near the city center close to the harbor. The pebble beach is well-equipped with sunbeds and sun-umbrellas.

If you are with your partner and you want a moment all by yourselves, here you won’t be disappointed. Along the shore there are plenty of hidden bays among the reeds where the sun’s rays reflect on the water and offer a romantic atmosphere.

Beaches on Lake Garda
Credits: Giorgio Galeotti


Still on the Brescian or western shore, on a hill that stretches out to the lake, you will find San Felice del Benaco. This town is made up by three ancient villages: San Felice, Portese e Cisano, where the first settlements date back to pile-dwelling era.

The beauty of these places awarded this area with the name Sinus Felix, which means happy bay and the beaches in this area are really nice!

At only 600 meters from the lake shore you can easily spot “Isola del Garda”, the biggest island on the lake. This is a must-do tour if you are visiting this area.

Baia del Vento

The small bay is situated between the viewpoint Punta di San Fermo on the right and Punta del Corno on the left. This beach of fine gravel and sand is surrounded by green olive trees and offers a breathtaking view of the lake.

Equipped with all services, if you are a snorkeling or water sports lover, this place will be your favorite. This beach is popular among surfers, with whom you can strike up new friendships at the restaurant while enjoying a good fish dish.

Porto san Felice beach and Gardiola beach

Connected to Baia del Vento with an excellent cycle path surrounded by olive trees there is Porto San Felice beach, located in Spizzaglio. This one is also a pebble beach and there is the chance to rent sunbeds and sun-umbrellas, even though it is a public coast. Moreover, here you have the possibility to rent kayaks, sups and pedal boats in order to discover the magnificent coast.

If you just want to relax a bit don’t worry, you can enjoy a wonderful view on the natural reserve of the Rocca by simply laying down at the beach!

Not too far, there is Gardiola Beach, smaller and quieter, it is the perfect place both for youngsters and seniors. The pebble beach is free and not equipped, with differently shaded spots where you can find some rest. Less than 200 meters from here there is a practical car parking spot where you can leave your car. Not less important there are different food kiosks.

Porto Portese beach

After san Fermo promontory in Salò direction you can easily find Porto Portese Beach. Wide and with plenty of bars and pizzerias, the blue waters of the beach are recognizable also from the viewpoint of the cliff!

The beach is nearby the homonymous harbor from which the many ferries that sail in the lake leave. If you are here with your friends, I suggest you to rent a boat for a trip on the lake.

Beaches on Lake Garda
Credits: Wolfgang Moroder


Once again on the Brescia or western side, this small town is worldwide known for having been the headquarter of the Italian Social Republic. Founded by Mussolini in 1943 and also known as Repubblica di Salò.

Salò is mainly visited for the beauty of its lakeshore with the palace of Magnifica Patria and the Podestà palace and, of course, for its beaches.

Mulino beach and Mokai Beach

The first beaches you will come across are Mulino beach e Mokai Beach, both beaches are gravel-sandy and with stones.

Mulino beach is also known as Conca d’Oro beach for the hotel nearby.

You can rent sunbeds, but as alternative, I suggest you to lay down in the sun in the wooden piers near the beach. Leaning towards the lake you will have the sensation to be hugged by the crystal-clear water. Pay attention to the splashes of the people who want to dive from the piers!

These piers are also the perfect place to have a drink on the lakeshore at sunset. Since they are very popular, it is better to go early in the morning in order to find place for you.

If you are looking for a vibrant evening, you have to go to Mokai beach. Its bar is open until late at night during summer, and there is no lack of music and theme parties.

The beach is equipped with sunbeds, sun-umbrellas and showers. In addition, it offers the possibility to rent a pedal boat.

Bau Beach

Good news for pet lovers: Bau beach. A piece of the beach is reserved for the 4-legged friends. An enclosed protected area, exclusive for animals. Besides taking a bath, it is also possible to make them participate to some training courses. 

Lido Tavine

Next to Mokai beach you will find Lido delle Tavine. Mainly known for the Palestra Sub realized by the Sub Club in Brescia. It consists of glass platforms and wrecks, that have been intentionally sunken at progressive depths to explore.

Those passionate about diving can train in order to improve their abilities and to reach the different levels of the license.

Rimbarzello Beach

Continuing North on the brescian or western shore you will find Barbarana, a location not too far from Gardone Center with Rimbalzello beach.

Within its admission fee, Rimbalzello beach offers all kind of services you won’t even think to be possible to find at a beach! Plenty of activities are organized for the little ones: swimming lessons at the pool, animation and baby area. Whereas for adults tennis courts and soccer fields, open-air gym and beauty center. Is it not enough? At the beach there is also a Diving center that assures assistance, courses and equipment rental.

Beaches on Lake Garda
Credits: Daderot 


Speaking of Gardone, our thoughts go straight to him, the great poet Gabriele d’Annunzio and his museum house: Vittorale degli Italiani.

Gardone Riviera, together with other seven towns on the brescian side, is part of the “Riviera dei Limoni” and therefore stands out for its excellent touristic offer and a great hospitality. For this reason the town has been awarded with the orange flag of the Italian Touring Club.

Don’t miss a promenade between oleander and citrus plants along the lakeshore in this must-see place to visit in lake Garda.

Let’s discover together the beaches in Gardone. Here you have the chance to admire the great Monte Baldo in all its beauty, just on the other side of the shore, in a peaceful and timeless oasis.

Lido di Fasano
Credits: *Valentina Stella Di Clemente* – *Valestelladicle* (IG e FB)
Lido di Fasano

This beach is free, equipped with sanitary facilities and showers and a comfortable car parking spot in the area.

If you are with your friends you can challenge each other in the beach volley field or have a drink at the bar. Losers pay for the drink, isn’t it so?

But there’s more! Near the beach there is also a bike shop where you can rent a bicycle to discover the hinterland or to have a ride along the lakeshore, it’s completely up to you.

Casinò beach

If you are waiting for a chance to relax on the slopes of the Italian Vittoriale, in Casinò beach you will find the essentials for a pleasing day at the lake.

It is a sandy and gravel beach where you can rent sunbeds and sun-umbrellas. In Casinò beach you have two certainties: to be able to bathe in clear waters, which have been awarded the “blue flag” award. The second one is that you will find a friendly atmosphere thanks to the owners of the bar, courteous and polite with their guests.

Credits: Ben Bender


Toscolano Maderno is located on the brescian side of the lake and comprises two different towns, conceptually divided by the Toscolano stream.

Even if it appears that the two towns are both home to many fishermen, they initially had two different callings. In particular Toscolano was the headquarter of famous paper factories. Did you know that up to 1948 paper money was printed here?

Surrounded by the Maderno Gulf and the Toscolano harbor, nowadays the town is mainly based on tourism. It is located in a strategic position to catch the ferries in order to visit the many destinations all over the lake.

Moreover, from here many tours to the Valtenesi area have their starting point. It’s a particularly favorite destination for water sport lovers.

Regarding this destination mentioned above, here you can find some advice and indications for the most beautiful beaches in Toscolano Moderno, for the enjoyment of some unique experiences.

Lido degli Ulivi

A long promenade surrounded by the typical Mediterrean vegetation runs along the beautiful sandy and pebble beaches of Toscolano. It is also possible to ride this path by bike while enjoying the pine trees and Liberty Style villas view up to Lido degli Ulivi.

This small gravel beach where you can relax has a free entrance.  As you can imagine the name originates from the surrounding vegetation that assures some shaded spots even during hottest days.

Lido azzurro beach

The most famous and popular beach in Toscolano Maderno is Lido Azzurro beach. This equipped beach is located at the beginning of the lakeside promenade Zanardelli.

Even though it is normally crowded, I suggest you this beach because of the many services it offers, especially for “Ciringhito”, the perfect happy hour location.

But I assure you, once there, you will be amazed by the incredible illusion that awaits you . This huge sandy area and the many sun-umbrellas in front of an incredible lawn may give you the impression to really be at the seaside.

Riva Granda beach and Bau Beach

If you are looking for a romantic and quiet place in Toscolano Maderno, Riva Granda beach is the best option for you. The fine and bright sand reflects the sunrays and the water seems even more crystal clear, giftig priceless emotions.

Again, the entrance is free and it is possible to park the car in a free car parking spot nearby.

Just a suggestion: here you will find a restaurant with a lovely terrace, perfect for a romantic dinner at sunset.

On the contrary, if you are not with your partner but with your four-legged friend, not too far from here you can find the Bau Beach. It has all the necessary equipment for a day with your furry friend.

In other words, you can find water bowls and kibble, a playground for dogs and a bar. As for cleanliness, you don’t have to worry, in fact toilet bags are provided for everyone on the beach. 

Credits: Francesco Baistrocchi


Gargnano is situated between mountains and hills, with a lush Mediterrean vegetation, favored by the mild climate. Thanks to this, Gargnano and the other cities on the coast of lemons are famous for growing citrus trees.

Although almost everyone is disused, it is still possible to visit the most ancient lemon house, La Malora, and taste its most delicious products..

The historical city center develops around the port and from there you can easily reach Gargnano’s beaches. Do not forget to admire the two wonderful villas that overlook the lake.

Villa Feltrinelli of late 19th century and Villa Bettoni with its wonderful garden.

Castello beach

The first beach you will bump into from the city center is Castello beach, right near Feltrinelli Palace. Even though it is not big, the shore is beautiful and quiet, considering that it is not overcrowded with tourists. In addition, the wooden piers are the perfect place to dive into the water or to sunbathe.

Fontanella beach

In the area nearby there is Fontanella Beach, again free and mainly with grass and pebbles. The beach is located inside a public park that offers a good protection from the sun even during the hottest days and the possibility to have some picnics.

In particular, this beach is recommended for families with small children, since the water level near the shore is really low. There is more. For adults and younger ones it is also possible to rent kayaks, pedal boats and sups to discover the beauty of the lake by yourself.

Gial Beach

If you are with your pet, between the houses on the lakeshore there is a small beach where both of you are welcome!

Gial beach, although if modest in size, is the only area where your dogs can join you for a bath in the lake.

Corno beach

In Borgliasco, a district near Gargnano, Corno beach with a wide space and crystalline water will be waiting for you. The access is free and in my personal opinion this is the perfect spot to admire Monte Baldo from the opposite shore.

Located here is the sailing club Gargnano, so if you want to take some lessons you will find a highly qualified staff.

Lido dei Limoni
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Lido dei Limoni

Whether if you are a comfort lover, in Lido dei Limoni you will find all what you are asking for. You can rent sunbeds and sun-umbrellas and have lunch or dinner directly at the Light Restaurant on the lakeshore. But that is not all.

Do you know why this beach is so popular and beloved by the youngest?

Without any doubt because of Lakefront bar, favorite destination for romantic happy hours and for some music until late at night. In addition, if you are with a group of friends, it can be useful to know that here you can rent kayaks, pedal boats and mountain bikes for different tours.

We are not done yet with the places to visit in lake Garda. Keep reading to find out more.

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Let’s continue with the discovery of the beaches around lake Garda.

Tignale is a combination of 6 districts not far from each other inside the Alto Garda Bresciano Park. The small villages are made of narrow streets and churches, some of which of particular historical and artistical interest.

It will surprise you that none of the district’s name is Tignale, but it is true!

Surrounded by olive and citrus trees, the town is a popular touristic destination mainly for its oil and lemon houses. Beaches as well deserve our attention. In this area you can choose between two of them.

Porto Tignale beach

Among the two, this one is the easiest to reach. As you can guess from the name this pebble beach is located nearby the harbor and the entrance is free. Given the fact that this is a windy area, it is particularly beloved by surf and sail lovers. Indeed, even in the coldest days when normally it is not possible to bath, you can still meet many young people and athletes that enjoy the wind. During summer you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and taste fresh snacks made with local products: olive oil and lemons.

Pra de la Fam beach

The name does not ring very well. Indeed in the local dialect it means: beach of starvation. Don’t worry about that. This name comes from the history of this place, when seamen got stuck with no food and without the possibility to sail because of the opposing winds.

The most fascinating way to get to this beach is through a panoramic path that overlooks the lake. If do not feel like walking, during summer period a shuttle bus service is available. The beach is placed in a marvelous lido, with crystal clear water and surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Once there you will be close to the eco-museum of the lemon house “Pra de la Fam”. I assure you it is worth a visit. Not only can you discover the secrets of the agriculture, but also you will be taste the specialities that are still produced in the lemon house.

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The must-see place to visit in the coast of lemons during your stay on Lake Garda

Limone was at fist a town of fishermen and for a long time it was isolated and accessible only by the lake.

The small center is a interweaving of streets that bring to the characteristic dock decorated with a flowering buganvillea and colored boats.

After a flourishing period in which the principal aim of this town was the citrus cultivation, Limone is now one of the most beloved destination by tourists. After the beauty of the historical center, the city in equally famous for its fine gravel beaches.

Let’s have a look to the most important beaches in Limone del Garda.

Grostol beach

From the city center the first beach you can reach is Grostol beach. The reference point to find it: Hotel Astor.

It is important to know that in Limone sul garda you can freely access every beach, included this one. Being surrounded by vegetation, I suggest this beach to families with small children that enjoy some shaded spots and quiet. I don’t have much to say about the water except: unforgettable.

Cola beach and Foce torrente San Giovanni beach

In order to get to Cola beach, you have to walk a bit on the lakeshore and reach the multi-storey car parking in Limone del Garda.

Again, this pebble beach is free, but still you have the chance to rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

You are in Limone, you can’t be here without enjoying a fresh lemonade. At the beach’s bar you can have a fresh one!

Not too far there is Foce torrente San Giovanni beach, the water and the view do not change, they are still gorgeous. You can relax in the pines’ shadow. Even near this beach you can find different places to have lunch or a delicious snack.

Tifù beach

On the contrary, if you are near the camping area it could be more convenient for you to reach Tifù beach, excellent if you are a sport lover. In this equipped pebble beach there’s also a beach volley court to play. In addition, thanks to the sail club of Limone sul Garda you can try this very popular sport out.


There are plenty of beaches also in the Trentino shore of the lake, here the climate is a little fresher, since we are in the north of the lake. For this reason here you can take a bath a little bit later on in the summer season. On the other hand thanks to the wind that normally blows in this area, this beaches are normally appreciated by water sports lovers, such as windsurf and sail.

Let’s see then which beaches you can find in the places to visit along the Trentino shore.

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The first one everyone everybody will think about on the Trentino shore is Riva del Garda, considered the jewel of Garda Trentino. A town that combines elegance and culture, with the panoramic lift and the Mag museum. But also history and sport, with the Garda fort and the countless outdoor activities between the lake and the Dolomites. Riva welcomes all its hosts with the majestic Apponale tower, 34 meters high and located in 3rd November square.

From this town you can admire all the lake “seated at the head of the table”. The coast of Riva del Garda offers a wonderful promenade where you can walk or ride your bike. Along the path you can stop in one of the different small free beaches, many of which do not even have a proper name. Now we will see together the main beaches in Riva del Garda, even though my suggestion is to take a walk along the lakeshore and to choose your favorite spot.

Sabbioni beach

The beach where you can combine sport and relax. In Sabbioni beach everyone is satisfied. The bigger one, partly a gravel beach and partly a grass one, is equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and every comfort. Moreover, it has a big playground for children and basket and volley fields. Not only team sports are here the hit, for water sports lovers it is possible to rent kayaks and pedal boats.

Miralago beach

A few minutes away you can find a quiet shore, my favorite place to read a good book whereas enjoying the palms shadow. Miralago beach is small but offers an intimate and cozy atmosphere with a clear water where you can take a bath.

Just another thing… did you ever sunbath in the middle of the lake?

Well, I did. And here you can do it too! Not too far from the shore there a floating platform for dips into the water and relax.

Pini beach

The most popular and beloved among young people is Pini beach thanks to its bar. Opened from early in the morning until late in the night, it is the meeting point for happy hours and parties. In addition, in the big green field that surrounds the beach, during summer they organize many sport events, such as soccer and volley competitions.


Going on with our discovery of the beaches around lake Garda it could surprise you to find also Arco on the list. Indeed, the portion of this town that fronts the lake is quiet limited, but it’s worth it to mention also this one. Arco’s beaches are connected to the cycle path of Sarca, which links Riva del Garda and Torbole.

Lido di Arco and Moletta beach

the most popular beach is Lido di Arco. Partly rocky, it is surrounded by a big green field, it is perfect for a nap under the sun. Obviously here you can find a sailing, windsurf and wakeboard clubs, where you can learn how to benefit from the wind that often blows in this area of the lake.

By bike you can reach also Moletta beach that runs along river Sacra. The shore is dotted with tall trees that assure many shaded and quiet spots. For this reason the beach is particularly recommended for families and little kids.

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Torbole has always been an ambitious destination for many travelers who used to come to the lake for the Gran Tour. Among them also Goethe remained strongly fascinated for its position and beauty.

Since here permanently the wind blows, Torbole has become also a sailing and windsurfing centre of international relevance. But there’s more. Not just for sport lovers there are countless excursions and outdoor activities.

Let’s focus more on the beaches in Torbole, a real paradise for water sports lovers.

Lido blu

In this wide and well-kept beach you won’t believe to be at the lake, but in some Oceanic area with incredibly high waves. Indeed, this beach is the surfers’ homeland and the most populated one. If you are looking for the perfect wave, here you have the chance to find it.

Al cor

The Peler wind blows hard also in Cor beach, where there is no lack of sailing and surfing clubs. Actually here also who doesn’t enjoy or practice sport has the opportunity to relax in an equipped beach where it is possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. The shore is of fine gravel and the green grass continues up to the ex colony of Pavia where children can have fun in a big playground.

Lizards beach

Normally you come here to hike, not to take a bath. Lizards beach is as a matter of fact an iconic cliff, a holy place for rock-climbing here in Garda.

Only experts should climb here because the limestone rock cliff is overhanging the waters of Garda lake. The paths are not so easy, so you have to pay attention.


Let’s proceed in our tour through the beaches on lake Garda on the venetian shore.

This side of the lake is popular not only because it hosts some of the most gorgeous villages like Malcesine, Lazise or Peschiera, but also for the fun amusementparks.

Credits: Patrick Pahlke


The southernmost city of the Venetian shore is Peschiera del Garda. Surrounded by the majestic pentagonal fortress with the five Ramparts. This incredible cultural site was listed in the UNESCO world heritage list in July 2017.

And that’s not all! Peschiera can count on a railway station on the Milan-Venice way, a port and a tool-booth on the A4 freeway. It is a crucial point to reach all the places to visit in lake Garda.

It will surprise you also with its beaches All free and partly equipped, they stand out for its crystalline water and the countless services on the lakeside. In order to get there from the city center, you just have to walk a few minutes on the lakeshore in both the directions.

Cappuccini beach

Walking along Mazzini promenade, just after the tree-lined street, you bump into this pebble and grass beach. Among the most popular of Peschiera, Cappuccini beach is the tourists’ and locals’ beloved destination. Along the shore you can find many wooden piers that extend towards the lake. From here many brave inhabitants use to dive in the water even in the earliest hot days.

The prudent ones prefer to enjoy the first rays of sun in order to get an impeccable suntan.

During summer time the beach offers the possibility to rent sunbeds and sun-umbrellas. The bar is opened from early in the morning for sweet breakfasts until late in the night for happy hours and musical evenings.

Cappuccini beach is perfect for families. Besides the pebble part there are a big grass field where you can lie down and a playground for children. But there’s more, here you can rent kayaks, pedal boats and sups to explore the lake. Both gown-ups and children are going to have lot of fun.

Bergamini beach

Going on towards the port you can find the small pebble Bergamini beach. Here peace and quiet are assured, the perfect place to lounge in the sun or to have a fresh bath. Bergamini beach is magical also off-season, ideal location for short walks.

Near the beach you can find vecchio Mulino beach, a very appreciated restaurant bar that goes beyond the basic catering service. Here you can participate in interesting and funny cooking classes both for beginners and amateurs or you can rent for some ours a stand up paddle.

Braccobaldo beach

In Peschiera del Garda pets are also welcome. Near Bergamini Beach in Fornaci area you can find Braccobaldo beach, an equipped beach where dogs are the real protagonists. If you rent deck chairs and sun-umbrellas you a welcome kit is included with sunbed, bowl and a blanket for your puppy.

Lido ai Pioppi

Instead, if you take a walk along Garibaldi lakeshore you will come across Lido ai Pioppi. Here you will have the impression of being at the seaside, with fine sand, small bars and sun –umbrellas on the equipped side. A big part of the beach is still free. If you too prefer the beaches of the lake because you don’t enjoy the sand, don’t worry. Lido ai Pioppi there is partly a gravel beach and a part there is with a grass field, perfect to lie down in the sun and for a pleasant pic-nic.

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The town of Castelnuovo extends from the lakeshore of the lake to the hills covered with vineyards and olive trees from which the famous oil is produced. Even though this area is mainly known for the amusement parks that are Gardaland and CanevaWorld.

If you came to Castelnuovo for an adrenaline day, but you are looking for a place where you can relax and regain strength the following day…

Keep reading this article where you will find the perfect beaches around lake Garda for you!

Lido Ronchi

Not too far from the parks you can chill out in Lido Ronchi, a pebble beach with a wide green area, the perfect spot if you are with your friends or family. Indeed, for children there is a beautiful playground where they can safely have fun. Whereas the bar of the beach is popular among young people for cocktails and drinks. Moreover, if you are a dance lover, during the summer the bar organizes some dancing nights with hip hop or Latino American music. Not to be missed!

Campanello beach

Going on from Lido ai Pioppi you will find Campanello Beach; many people do not know that this beach is already in Castelnuovo. It is a pebble shore and during summer season it is possible to rent sunbeds and sun-umbrellas. Just one thing to keep in mind: given the proximity to the amusement parks, this beach is popular among families with kids. Two beautiful promenades start from this point: one towards Lazise and the other one toward Peschiera, both perfect to enjoy the sunset or to admire the beauty of the lake in the first hours in the morning.

Credits: Duminda Perera


Lazise is one of the most beloved destinations for tourists. Not for anything I suggest this as one of the first places to visit in lake Garda. This one is not its only record. Indeed Lazise is the first free Municipality of Italy, as reported on the plaque you can see along the lakeshore.

Why is Lazise so popular?

The majestic castle with its 5 towers and the fortress that surrounds the city give a unique charm.

The old port with the “dogana veneta”and the small church of San Nicolò give unforgettable views to capture. Moreover, there’s a brand new terrace that overlooks the harbor and gives a priceless view of the lake.

The beaches in Lazise do not disappoint either. Indeed, they are not only popular among people who just want some relax time but also among sport lovers and youngsters.

Let’s have a look together, I will give you some advice to reach them and to choose the perfect one for you.

Golden Beach and La Quercia Beach

The most popular one in this area is the Golden Beach. One of the few beaches of the finest sand along the lakeshore. This place has nothing to envy to the bathing places at the seaside. The beach belongs to the homonymous camping but still everyone can access and here you can find all the comforts for a perfect day at the lake.

For the non-guests of the camping this beach can be reached only thorough the promenade on the lakeshore that starts from the big car parking Marra outside the fortress.

In order to find the path, once parked the car, instead of going through Porta Lion, one of the entrance to the city, you have to turn left.

Before reaching the Golden beach you will go through La Quercia beach, again with the same name of the camping nearby. Equally beautiful and sandy, here you have the possibility to rent kayaks, pedal boats and sups.

Al Porto beach

If you are already in Lazise ad you want a beach easy to reach from the city centre you just have to walk along the beautiful lakeshore heading north. Just after the new harbor, you can find a small free bay with a pebble beach, nearby the entrance of the communal camping. From there you can go on and have a walk on the beautiful promenade that reaches Bardolino. Along the path you won’t find big beaches but many breathtaking spots where you can stop for a bath and many grass areas where you can relax.

Delle Rose beach

This beach is located just 2 kilometers from Lazise near the Camping Park delle Rose, the one and only reason for this peculiar name. Here you won’t have the chance to take a bouquet of flowers for your girl because here you won’t find nothing but sand. However, you can spend a whole relaxing day together. Indeed, the beach is famous not only for its beauty, but also because it is not crowded, thanks to its distance from the center. Here you can find peace and quiet for all for you!

Porto Pacengo beach and Guglia beach

You can find some pretty beaches even in Pacengo, the fraction of Lazise you will come across just before arriving from the south. Two of them are near the small port, location of concerts and music shows during the summer period. On the left there is Porto Pacengo beach, party with gravel and partly with sand. Even if it is not too far from the port, the water is still clear. Not being overcrowded, you can find a peaceful spot just for you even if it is not too big. On the right you can find Guglia beach, very alike and still free. Here you can rent sunbeds and sun-umbrellas and benefit from the close bars for a fresh drink or snack.

Continuing on the lakeshore towards Lazise you will see many beaches where you can relax or take a bath; there is plenty of choice. On the left there are many spots both with grass and with gravel that extend towards the lake. Among them Capannina Beach that is right near the colorful bar.

Fossalta beach and Bosca beach

Another fraction of Lazise is Fossalta, almost entirely occupied by the amusement park CanevaWorld and the narrowing campings. Here there are two free pebble beaches.

If you are by car the best option is to park your vehicle in La Bosca parking that is right near the port and to reach the homonymous beach. The shore is not very big but there are plenty of trees that assure constantly a shady spot. This area is popular among local families in particular during the weekends that precede and follow the high summer season. The perfect destination for a lake view lunch or snack.

You have to pay attention while proceeding on the lakeshore directed to Lazise. You will see a slice of heaven hidden among the reeds. It’s Fossalta beach, a small area stolen to the lake where you can enjoy the lake into the wild, without sunbeds, sun-umbrellas or other services. The beach is really small and without shady spots so my suggestion is to go there early in the morning. And do not forget your sunscreen!

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It is not only a name of a famous red wine that is produced on the hills of the venetian side, Bardolino is also a vibrant city that faces the lake.

It is just 5 kilometers from Lazise and you can easily reach it also by bike or by walking on the beautiful promenade along the lake shore.

My advice is to spend some time also in the narrow streets of the city center. They hide some picturesque views where you can take beautiful photos. Another tip is to taste a good glass of wine once you leave the beach. On the lakeshore there are plenty of beautiful bars, you just have to choose one!

But let’s go back to the beaches on Lake Garda, the main theme of this article. Here you can find the most beautiful in Bardolino.

Punta Cornicello beach

The easier and faster one to reach from the center of Bardolino is Punta Cornicello beach. You just have to follow the lakeshore Francesco Lenotti. The beach is free but still equipped with all type of services. It is a pebble beach with some rocks. Thanks to the many trees you can enjoy lots of shaded spots even in the hottest summer days. Laying down while enjoying the breeze and the perfume of olive trees is priceless. Easy to reach also by car, nearby there is a free car parking waiting for you.

A small restaurant is here ready to satisfy your appetite, not only for lunch but also for a snack. For the little ones near the beach there is a beautiful playground.

Mirabello beach

From Principe Amedeo square walking along Roma Lakeshore you will bump into Mirabello beach.

In this case the beach is well-equipped with all type of comforts and services, including a restaurant. For this reason, it is private and you have to pay in order to get here. If you are thinking about going there, I suggest you going there early in the morning because it is a very popular beach and they do not accept reservations. As the saying goes: the early bird gets the worm.

In this case it is truly worth it, waking up a little earlier to enjoy this pie ce of paradise. The view of the lake from here is gorgeous.

Lido Cisano beach

Continuing southwards you can stop for a pleasant bath and a pic-nic in Lido Cisano beach.

Even though it is close to the city center, this shore is not affected by the amount of tourists that crowd the city. Here you can find quiet and peace, the perfect place to read your book or to do crossword puzzles.

The water is particularly clear because the same gravel you see on the beach is the one you find also on the lakebed, so it doesn’t cloud the water. Another positive thing is that the water is not too deep, so it’s safe also for the younger ones.

Lido Holiday beach

Your idea of lakeside holiday is to have lot of fun?

Lido Holiday beach is the one for you. Indeed, it is perfect for younger people and for who doesn’t enjoy just laying down in the sun.

The big grass field doesn’t host only sunbeds and deck-chairs, but also a Disco Music area. Over the summer many parties and music events are organized and the restaurant is opened every day  at lunch and dinner.

Just one thing to keep in mind: the water immediately becomes deep, so I suggest you to avoid walking along the lakeshore after some beers!

Credits: Marco Ghirello


Between the hill of the Rocca on the left and Luppia mount on the right, in the blue gulf is located Garda.

The name comes from an ancient term that means guard. Indeed, Garda is the city that gives the name to the biggest lake in Italy.

For this reason it has to be in my article, but most importantly it has to be in your list of the places to visit on Lake Garda!

Every year lots of tourists come to this city for their holidays and the shores are always ready to welcome them.

La Cavalla beach

The most famous and populated one in Garda is La Cavalla beach, a strange name hard to forget. The beach is popular among families that have the possibility to rent sunbeds and deck-chairs but also to freely lay down. If you are walking, from the city center it is easy to reach. You just have to follow the promenade on the lakeshore Regina Adelaide until the walkway Rivalunga. Keep in mind that the beach is free and not very big, which means that in high season it is really crowded.

Lido Garda Beach

The most beautiful location on the lakeshore of the area. Here people come mainly to have lunch or dinner in the magical terrace or for a drink or a good glass of wine at sunset.

During the summer period it is opened until late at night and it organizes musical events by moonlight.

Punta san Vigilio e Baia delle Sirene

Punta san Virgilio, everyone has heard at least once about it and has dreamt to visit it while staring at it from the lakeshore of Garda. This part of the coast that overlooks the lake has always been a beloved and visited destination also by illustrious personalities. In order to reach this slice of heaven you only have to follow the lakeshore northwards, better if with comfortable shoes since the path is partly graveled. Alternatively, you can get there following the Gardesana route. At the entrance there is a secure parking spot, with a free offer fee . Be careful, it is not so big so during the summer it fills up in the blink of an eye.

Once arrived at the bay a small port with the inn and the majestic villa will welcome you, all owned by Guarienti family.

The access to Baia delle Sirene is subject to a fee. It is opened every day during the summer period and it is possible to access to the green field. The rental of sunbeds and sun-umbrellas is included in the ticket for a perfect relaxing day. Naturally there are showers, cabins and a bar for drinks and snacks. For the younger ones? Not only can they run freely and have fun among the olive trees, but they canteen have fun in the playground reserved to them. But that is not all. During the summer, a funny miniclub is organized.

San Vigilio Park

If during your visit I Punta San Vigilio you want an exclusive beach, a more intimate and cosy atmosphere, San Vigilio Park is the right location. In a wide green area many comfortable and luxurious sunbeds are scattered among the olive trees and cypresses. Imagine yourself in the swimming pool while enjoying the breathtaking view of the lake and the brescian side. It like a dream, isn’t it? But it is reality. In San Vigilio park the entrance fee is more expensive than Baia delle Sirene but it is worth it, trust me.

Credits: Louis Tripp


Continuing on the venetian side of the lake northwards, Torri del Benaco will welcome you with its magnificent Scaligero castle. The castle is worth the visit; inside a museum will explain you everything about the history and the origins of the city. Moreover you can visit also a lemon house, one of the few left. In the past the cultivation of lemons arrived even here. If you take a walk through the narrow streets of the city center you will find out that they hide many shops and peculiar bars. But that is not all. Basically ever single one leads to the lake, which offers a really picturesque view and a fantastic promenade.

I have to warn you, the beaches here are not so many and they are quite small, but for this reason normally they are not overcrowded with people. Let’s have a look together!

Sbocco Valle Randina beach

The nearest to the center is Sbocco Valle Randina beach, if you ask to locals this is the beach everyone suggests. The reason why this beach is in everyone’s heath is easy to get. This short strip of land that overlooks the crystal clear water is like an oasis at the entrance of the bay. The access to the beach is free and the cherry on the cake is that close you can find many bars and restaurants where you can have a drink or an ice-cream.

Sunset Beach

If you are looking for a more sparkling and youthful atmosphere you can go to Sunset beach. Here you have to pay for the entrance and during the day it seems to be like a Caribbean beach, with white-wood sunbeds and straw umbrellas.

During the night it becomes the center of the nightlife, with music and disco bar.

How to reach it? You can find it close to the castle, near the harbor where you can take also the ferry.

Lido Brancolino beach

In Lido Brancolino beach you have to pay an entrance fee. This pebble beach is not so close to the center, it is located between Punta San Vigilio and Torri. It is the perfect place to take a break before visiting the city, especially if you are by bike. About that I suggest you not to reach the beach by car, the car parking is not so big and it is always full.

Even if you have to pay I assure it is worth it, here you can find all the necessary to spend an unforgettable beach day on lake Garda. Moreover, the water is super clear and near the coast it is not too deep. Even who doesn’t enjoy swimming it is possible to cool down without diving and testing their swimming skills.

From Torri you can find a beautiful promenade on the lake shore that continues until Pai and further. Here the small beaches you can find on the left have not a proper name. They look like small semicircular balconies that overlook the blue water. I call them Balconies on lake Garda, but you can find even more original names! What is certain is that you will find the perfect place to take a break and relax.

Beaches on Lake Garda
Credits: Sarch


Going northwards towards the Trentino part of the lake the view changes, the lake narrows in such a wat that you can see the opposite shore much closer. Even the temperature of the water drops and the winds increase. Indeed, Brenzone is famous for its winds, the driving forces of many water sports that is possible to practice on these shores.

Because of the rocky structure of this side of the shore, there are not many wide beaches in Brenzone and most of them are not equipped.

However, people come here with their windsurfing boards to practice some sport, not to relax under the sun, so it should not be a problem. Don’t worry though, there are still some small pebble beaches where you can sunbath and due to the lack of shady places, getting guaranteed suntan.

In case you want to experience some water sports but you do not have the necessary equipment, there is no need to give up. Near the harbor you can find some rental centers where you can find both the equipment and some good advice.

Castelletto di Brenzone beach

Considering that these beaches are small strips of lands stolen from the lake, the majority of them do not even have a name.

Castelletto di Brenzone beach is the exception to the rule. You can find this rocky beach before reaching the city. It is free, but not equipped. I suggest you to come here by bike or by foot because it is not easy to park the car here, due to the lack of huge spaces in the area. Not too far you can find another small beach with grass where a wooden dock invites you to dive into the fresh water of the lake. In these beaches you can enjoy a magical sunset with its thousands shades of orange.

It is not a coincidence that these beaches on lake Garda are the ideal place to take a walk and to appreciate the view even off-season.

Free beaches of Margina and Mugagnano

As you may have guessed the only equipped beaches in Brenzone are the ones of hotels and campings for their guests.

Whereas for other free beaches you have to go to Marniga and Mugagnano. Here you can find shores with rass and rocks, for this reason I suggest to bring with you some rockproof shoes to be more comfortable and safe. Here you can find mostly sportspeople doing windsurf or some other water sport, otherwise someone who just wants some peace. In this part of the shore it seems to be out of another world, without the traffic and the amount of people that crowd the southern part of the lake. Here peace and quiet act as protagonists.

Free beach of Castello

Proceeding along the lake shore you will find many small beaches with wooden docks near the camping, the perfect spot to dive into the lake or to sunbath.

In order to reach a wider beach you have to go to the village of Castello where you’d even have the possibility to have a pic-nic with your friends. Moreover, being near the center it has the comfort of having all the facilities nearby, including bars and restaurants. Another positive thing is that you can get to the castle by car without any problem in parking it.

Beaches on Lake Garda
Credits: 11333328


We are almost at the end of our incredible journey at the discovery of the beaches around lake Garda along the venetian shore. Malcesine welcomes you with its majestic castle perched above the city. Among all the personalities that it has mesmerized, it is impossible not to mention Goethe and its “Italian Journey”. To the great writer and philosopher has been dedicated an entire room inside the castle. You can see it during the visit of the fortress that I strongly suggest you to arrange. To reach it you have to go through the narrow streets of the city center full with shops and ateliers of many artists. Remember to bring you camera with you. The postcard views are just around the corner.

Another beautiful news to top it off. In Malcesine there are lots of gorgeous beaches, so here you have some information about it.

Paina beach

Just 100 meters from the city center you can reach by foot Paina beach. The beach is made of fine clear gravel and it is free, the perfect place to relax after visiting the city. A peculiar characteristic is a floating raft in the middle of the water from where you can dive into the lake.

Are you with your friends? You can compete and see who is the best player in the sport you choose to play on the playground of the beach. Then, to celebrate the winners, you might enjoy a good drink at the bar of the beach. This beach is loved also by parents, due to the fact that it is extremely safe for their children. Indeed, during the summer there is a lifeguard in the central hours to check on swimmers.

Posterna beach

A hidden treasure in Malcesine is Posterna beach, a small portion of shore where you can appreciate the crystalline water.

You can get there thanks to the narrow street right on the left of the entrance to the castle. For the social-networks lovers: it is a very “instagrammable” spot that deserves a visit even just for breathtaking photos.

Navene beach and Campagnola beach

The biggest and most popular beaches located northern of Malcesine are Navene beach and Campagnola beach. Both are pebble beach, as it is typical of the lake, and they have too floating raft. It is a very beloved attraction both from adults and children. It is like a stage floating on the water.

If you like diving it’s your chance to show off. On the other hand, if you prefer judging the others diving into the water, on the pebble beach you have the perfect spot to observe. After a while you can also get hungry, but don’t worry. There are many bars and restaurants ready to satisfy all your wishes with savory and sweet specialities.

Given the similarities between the two beaches, your choice will be based on the vehicle you prefer to use to get there. You can reach Navene beach easily also by bus, the bus stop is just around the corner. Whereas near Campagnola beach there is a comfortable car parking.

Baia di Val di Sogno

Just after the port of Malcesine a stunning promenade on the lakeshore gets to Baia di Val di Sogno. The name comes from the near island surrounded by the crystalline water. Reaching an island just…walking? You will not believe it but in this beach it is possible! When the level of the water is low, you can reach the Dream Island which is only 20 kilometers from the shore.

But here you will not only see explorers that walk. Lots come here in order to practice windsurf.

Actually, it is a very windy area, a suggestion is to avoid wearing the classic straw hat. I know that it is the perfect accessory for picturesque photos, but the chance to loose it at the first breath of wind is extremely high.

Cassone beach

Just a few kilometers south of Malcesine you can find the village of Cassone. Even here not too far from the center there are some small beaches. Due to their position they are not so known and consequently overcrowded. All free and of fine gravel, they are all perfect if you are looking for peace and quiet.

Of course, in the surroundings there is no lack of bars and restaurants if you want to eat something between a bath an another.

This concludes our journey along the shores to discover the beaches of lake Garda.

As you may imagine, thanks to the variety of climates and views here in lake Garda it is really easy to find the perfect beach that suits the needs of everyone. Free, equipped, sandy or pebble, with discos or surrounded by the untouched nature.

I hope that my suggestions have helped you in finding the perfect beach for you. Now you know which one to choose among the places to visit on lake Garda.


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