7 Michelin-starred restaurants on Lake Garda


The Michelin-starred cuisine meets the wonderful Lake Garda: we all should call it an “everlasting marriage”, shouldn’t we?

Lake Garda is the perfect escape: breath-taking landscapes, medieval villages… How not to fall in love with this place? Anyway, there’s more. Have you ever tried one of the 7 Michelin-starred restaurants on Lake Garda? Well, I think it’s time for you to enjoy such an incredible experience.

A never-ending tradition who never ever fails to impress. You will be dreaming about a completely different world, thanks to original flavours and ground-breaking matches. Chefs are always serving their best, to ensure you something you will never forget.

Here you are the best ones among the places to visit on Lake Garda, starting from the East side. Then, we will discover the Western part, concluding with the Trentino shore.

Michelin-Starred restaurants on Lake Garda: East side

Ristorante Oseleta – Cavaion Veronese

Chef Marco Marras will be delighted to welcome you in the enchanting country-chic atmosphere of Villa Cordevigo. Inside, there is the restaurant Oseleta, which is surrounded by a beautiful countryside. We are precisely in Cavaion Veronese, anyway not far away from Lake Garda. You will live a multi-sensorial journey, discovering the local gastronomy and a perfect balance of traditional recipes and innovative flavours. Moreover, the Oseleta provides a huge list of local wines of Bardolino and Lake Garda.

Vecchia Malcesine – Malcesine

Among the 7 Michelin-starred restaurants on Lake Garda there is also Vecchia Malcesine. Following your feelings, it’s time to make a choice: Signature dishes or Psycho dishes?

The first ones tell the story of Lake Garda, its typical flavours and aromas. As well, you will be living a unique multisensorial experience, getting to know the hidden secrets of the biggest lake of Italy. Choosing the second ones instead, you will be completely blown away. Your mind will hardly not remember such an incredible journey. Chef Leandro Luppi himself reflects his personality in each one of the recipes… To know him better, you have just to taste all of them.

Therefore, let’s take our journey among the starred restaurants on the places to visit on the West side of Lake Garda.

Michelin-Starred restaurants on Lake Garda: West Side

Capriccio – Manerba

Staring at the sun, right along the lakeside, there is the Capriccio Restaurant. The restaurant is located in Manerba since 1965, providing a high-quality local cuisine. It is very important to Chef Giuliana Germiniasi to spread her creativity. On the other hand, Francesca Tassi is the greatest oenolgist, suggesting the guests which kind of wine is the perfect match with their menu’s choices. The location, well, is something else. Just in case you are planning to celebrate a special event, you can also request a customised selection for the menu. By the way, the terrace is always romantic, especially for a dinner with your sweet half.

Villa Feltrinelli – Gargnano

Villa Feltrinelli is a splendid villa in Gargnano, on the west coast, and it’s also an important restaurant with two Michelin stars. It’s not surprising that each course is a real work of art. Chef Stefano Baiocco cares about authenticity and simplicity, but he also loves creating spectacular servings. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience just nearby Lake Garda, surrounded by nature and vegetation. It is totally impossible not to fall in love with this location, as well for the innovative flavours created by Stefano.

La Rucola 2.0 – Sirmione

La Rucola 2.0 is surely one of the best 7 Michelin-starred restaurants on Lake Garda. We are in Sirmione: one of the most beautiful villages in Italy as well. It’s up to you whether to choose the tasting menù rather than the a’ la carte. Set yourself for a real journey inside the local tradition! If you are looking for the tasting menù, you have to make another choice. There are many itineraries: which one inspires you the most? Moreover, your experience will be fulfilled by high quality wine.

Esplanade – Desenzano del Garda

A Michelin-starred temple for the Italian cuisine: in case you are looking for a seafood/lakefood restaurant on Lake Garda, the Esplanade is the one. Chef Massimo Fezzardi loves details more than anything. That’s why the Esplanade is one of the best restaurants. His strength? High quality raw materials associated with a huge variety of choice. The panoramic view, especially during the sunset, is the cutting edge of this beautiful location. In case you are planning a romantic dinner just between you two, you have just to make your reservation.

Finally, we have arrived on the Trentino shore. Impressive mountains and unbelievable landscapes turn into a splendid frame for you Michelin-starred experience. Here’s why.

Michelin-Starred restaurants on Lake Garda: North Side

Peter Brunel Ristorante Gourmet – Arco

Chef Peter Brunel loves cuisine and design. At the Peter Brunel Restaurant Gourmet you will find both of them! His cuisine is completely inspired by art, especially by architecture. The restaurant is bright, each space is dedicated to a phase of the gastronomic experience. A room for apertifs, another for coffee and dessert and a main dining area for the meal. The minimalistic appearance matches with the smallest details. Particularly, Chef Brunel is inspired by Italian poet Gabriele D’Annuzio. That’s why he borrowed some elements of his house, “Il Vittoriale”, to decorate the restaurant in a very original way. Maria Novella Salani is the pastry chef, an expert of haute patisserie. Recently, she has also been awarded “pastry chef of the year” by Le Guide de l’Espresso.

Now it’s done, you know each one of the 7 Michelin-starred restaurants among the places to visit on Lake Garda. Choose your favourite… And book your experience!


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